The sky wore a cloak of lamp black
As sparkling buttons rented the air
These night tenants with their wands
Lay seated,enjoying time
Soft moonbeams kissed the earth
And the cheeks of winter air

While lovers by the bay
Sat looking into each others’ eye
And promises many they did take
To stand by each other,putting all at stake

There lay above
Waiting for her lover to return
With oodles of patience
And heartfelt love
She still awaits
Her lovely dove
Sometimes when she feels dismal
She hides her face with a lunar veil
And darkens the world
For a day
But comes back again
To resume her task
Still showering light beams of hope
To illuminate her lost prince’s path
Though none till date
have but passed

There she awaits
With eager eyes
There she awaits
All through the night…..


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