Journey to a land far far away……………..

The rain washed the city clean
But can it wash away my tears
So many balms for the wounds but none for a broken heart

My Faith was shaken when the news
Borne in the air reached
A wave of impulse rushed to my heart
And yielded warm tears
There we were dangling
On the edge of faint hope
Invoking grace of the supreme
Ere Time and Fortune elope
Nature partakes in human sorrows
And so do events ‘fore
When the glass or ten matches broke
Before I lit the incense sticks
When the dog whined or the rains
Came pouring down heavily
Flurries of emotion swirl in my heart
When I choke a sob to say
My lovely grandma whom I loved with love intense
This evening, she boarded a ship to a land far,far away…………….

9.09.12……elegy to granny




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