Behind the cellar gates

It was through the well devised plans of swindlers
That the gullible men fell into traps
And the stories of their actions
Remained forever under the wraps

In the idle stillness of the afternoon
The siren blew,piercing into the ear
The lady by the fireplace shrieked
As her heart thudded with fear

The cellar gates creaked open
And the nineteen year old was pushed inside
He was mute due to nature’s design
And had none in whom he could confide

The wrinkled visage of an old man
The brows of whose were white as snow
An old visitor walked to him
And placed her aged hands on his

Ninety years he had spent in darkness
Ninety years in love
“What have I left,but you?”,he thought
“Tell me ,my dove”

Two years hence,the cellar gates creaked open
This time to bury an old man who died at night
Beside the lady he had loved for ninety years
Who also died the same night…


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