Ode to womankind

A girl’s heart is an ocean of secrets

Secrets none can delve into

A woman’s eyes bear the weightiest burdens

Burdens none can look into


Their sorrow is a forest fire

Raging through distant miles

Their joy is an an amplifier

Bringing out the smiles


They can soothe away sorrow

With feminine tenderness

Or inflict pain

By harnessing their prowess


Their smiles can hide a million sorrows

Their eyes-a million tales

Their heart can withstand the stormiest weather

Or the punching of a thousand nails


All women are  poets  inside

Poets of different hues and kinds

Poets who perceive life differently

Poets with different minds


Her shoulders  bear the weight of the world

The home,the hearth and the fire

And all these loads she keeps with herself

Even when circumstances turn dire


Every object has a worth

Calculable by mankind

Yet to this fact is an exception-

The greatness of womankind!


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