The thing about heartache.

Allow me to tell you what heartache sounds like.

Imagine yourself standing in the rain in winter. The biting wind rapping against your skin,the icy rain deluging you to the skin while you stand there hurt, alone, broken.

Imagine yourself standing on the streets of London when it was plagued. Every door is shut to you.You feel sick at the sight of dead bodies piled up on the streets. There’s no house that will let you in.

Imagine yourself on a sinking ship. The SOS has brought no hope. There’s just enough boats for everyone,except you.

Heartache is the worst kind of ache you can have. It can almost kill you if the right measure of heartache gets to feed on you.Despite the harrowing experience that the icy fingers of heartache lend to you,they can also be the Elixir of life. Sometimes pain isn’t bad.It is a reflection of Life and the fact that you are alive. Pain reminds you that your heart is still thudding slow and steady. 
We set out in search of Paradise because life can sometimes seem to be a drag-a painful monotony of things you’d like to run away from(heartache,for instance). It is only with time that you realise that the object of  pursuit isn’t even existent. There is no Paradise. Paradise isn’t about fleecy clouds and cups of Nectar. The sun sets even in Paradise. 
It is here on Earth,that we mortals must learn how to carve out Paradise from the bits and pieces of magic that the world allows us to have access to. Everyone gets to live a miracle. You just need to believe enough. Heartache can become your Excalibur. You just need to tune in your chords to match a higher frequency-that of truth,transcendental reason and the spirit to survive.


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