The shifting shadows on the wall
The sunset on the hills
The chirps of returning birds
The clear,blue rills

Scene to scene,my eyes grace
And yet return to see
The old brown envelope
You once addressed to me

If I could,just once,relive a few days
I have a thousand cherished memories

The champagne pours into the glass
Celebrating a lost cause
The Guilt of words I’d never said
The careless Summer Love that once was

My eyes rise to meet with Thine
In throbs of guilt and sorrow
The silence in my eyes resound
The void since your furlough.

The icy fingers of reason
Tell me of your tales
And of every celebrated sin
That echoes in the vales
Yet of all your deeds I choose I forgive,
There’s but one that irks me
The silence in my eyes return
When they grace upon thee

You silenced piece by piece,
The tiny vestiges of my belief
Inked the memories in my veins
Till I perish in the burning champagne.


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