The cosmic understanding of Beauty.

The power of Beauty is to enchant and intrigue.
This is however the conventional definition that the world goes by.
In this ever-changing world Beauty has lost the essence of what it was originally intended to signify.
There’s much more to Beauty than what meets the eye.
Infact there’s much more to everything than what meets the eye. If astronomers were dependent entirely on the human eye for unravelling the mysteries of the universe,they’d probably discover only a tiny fragment of the cosmic chemistry.

It is only when we wistfully pry into the intricacies of what makes one beautiful,that we understand how little we know about the macrocosm of it all.
All that man knows of the cosmic laws governing the nature of Beauty is what he has learned in the thin shell of life’s domain and his interpersonal relationships with other men.
The giant star-The Sun,to which is tied nine planets,31 moons,some 30,000 asteroids and about 100,000 million comets along with innumerable dust specks and gas molecules is always at the helm of all affairs.
The planets,stemming from the Greek word for ‘wanderers’ drift among the fixed stars.
The woman you put on the pedestal is like the sun-replete with blowing gases and solar storms.
Probably the frigid and uninhabitable realms of a distant object are worth ten times what you think the others are.
But then,what is distant calls for pursuit.
When we’re nearing the brazen era of women taking charge of everything (including the chase),who’s going to go that far to chase a blur?
The more feisty a woman is,the more attractive she is.
Long considered portents of dire catastrophe,the appearance of comets blazing their fiery paths used to make men gape and wonder.
A woman blazing her clothes down would make men gape no less.
Much unlike the responses to cosmic phenomena,men on earth would hold regular comets with greater awe than the Halley’s comet-too late to wait for.
The woman who’s wise and fast to understand, knows that mens’ heads are moderated and designed to suit their needs. Whatever comes easy.
She’s probably crossed you once like the Morehouse comet. You were too busy sighting recurrent meteor showers to take notice. Too bad,you lost her.
Not everything that’s enticing is nice.
The seductress in Medusa turned men to stone. It doesn’t always end well mate!
You would probably have a girl who’s great under the covers and foxy and not the girl who’d probably not even get most of the
puns or the one who’s nice and reserved. In the end,after you’ve retired from being a libertine, the latter idea seems more interesting.
And in between the period of realization dawning upon the libertine and scavenger hunting,a woman asks herself-what do men even like?
Is being nice even worth it when men would rather love a fox cloaked as a woman?
It’s not worth the trouble.
The truth is,men and women are from the same planet. They just see things differently.
And even so,the lines are heavily blurred..It’s not uncommon to see women playing the man’s role in the chase or preferring frivolous dalliance.
All forsooth,good girls always win the final battle.
In the end,men donโ€™t want a nagging, difficult, selfish and easy woman.
They want a nice girl with boundaries.

In the process of being the ideal mate,women end up being aย  calculated, meticulously processed version of what men might like.
But then,think about it.
Is it worth it?
Would you not love those careless hours in the garden listening to the bird song,weaving Garlands of flowers,knitting for your baby sister, making a pie for your friend’s birthday or simply writing your diary instead of spending hours decking yourself in makeup for another man who might at some point of time even leave you?
Nothing can ever be more than your identity.
Don’t sell it for the Devil’s deal.
You may not be the girl a man would want,but you’d still be the girl you can wake up as and smile at in the mirror.
You’d still have those twinkling good girl eyes and a heart that melts each time you watch Lion King or Finding Nemo.
The truth is,no man is worth losing your identity for.
It takes only the right man to love you the way you are.
Don’t rush into riptides just because you’re desperate to find him.
He’ll reach you in good time.

Don’t lose the person that makes you nice.
That’s what makes you Beautiful.
That’s what makes the cosmos beautiful.


4 thoughts on “The cosmic understanding of Beauty.”

  1. This is so beautifully written. It touched my heart. Very true and very cosmic indeed. Keep it up!! Loved it ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


  2. For some time, I’ve been imagining myself to be a calculating, scientific person who won’t care pecans for poetic analogies between the greatest beauty out there, the beloved cosmos, and ‘frivolous’ human passions.

    I come to this day, when I read this poem north of 25-30 times, before i was even half sure I’d done justice to all that hardwork – or is it just a passionate cloudburst? – that weaved ‘frivolous’ human passions into something, which even 007 would appreciate.

    Anoushka. Are you divinity?

    Because nothing short of a divine intervention would make me leave aside the intricacies of plasma containment in a Tokamak and indulge into such a mind-sapping camaraderie of cosmic imagination and beautifully embossed passion.

    This was really brilliant. What a beautiful mind!


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