Summer Solstice.

21st June.Summer Solstice.
The sunshine in her hair giving a touch of honey-glazed brown to her cascading tresses.
Her beady black eyes-lost.As though in the eternal quest of something improbable,far yet enticing.
She dawdled along the street,walking home with her huge pink bag slouching down from her shoulders.
Crossing big departmental stores,garages and repair workshops,she finally reached the turning to her house.
Heaving a sigh of relief,she paced up. Just as her hands touched the gate,a loud screeching noise on the r
oad caused her to look back.
Within seconds the street was filled with workers and people stopping to look at the injured biker who lay bleeding in the heavily gravel-laden road.
That night Grace barely slept. It can be rather cold and lonely for a young maiden barely eighteen who’s never had anyone to pour her heart to-none to touch or hold.
Her heart felt weak-as though drained of all blood and she felt lifeless and plopped down on her bed.A loud doorbell woke her up early next morning.
“Miss Grace?”
“There’s a parcel in your name.”
Her eyes lit up like a child as she peeped and prodded through the spaces between the cellotaped ends and excited fingers started tearing at the wrapping paper.
The cover smelt like old books and musk.
Carefully packed and sent,inside lay a beautiful snow globe, showcasing a tiny Ballerina with sparkles falling from the glass ceiling-just like the one that gave her a sense of déjà vu in the old antique shop.
Just as she got back from her stupor,she read the name of the sender and almost immediately shrieked and winced.

She was seven when it first happened. Just seven.
Every night,as the curtains of slumber would close in on her,she’d wake up to a brilliant,sun-lit day!
And there he was! Her protagonist-Marc Walters!
Tall,wheatish skin, aquamarine eyes,the boyish, child-like lopsided smile and his ridiculously handsome face.
He would flick his sidebangs and laugh at her as she melted like cotton candy thrown on fire.
She would wait to fall asleep every night just to see how Marc would surprise her that day.

She remembered with distinct clarity that very moonlit night,when she descended down the marble steps of her house and saw him by the car in front of her house.
They danced for eternity to come under the starlight night sky.
Prom was perfect for her.
Her dreams stopped when she turned fifteen. She thought of his handsome face but not even a forced action could bring him back to her dreams.

And now,three years later she gets a package addressed to her from him.
She thought of that day when she crossed the big antique shop in her dream and her eyes alighted on that beautiful snow globe
And here it was. She felt like crying and laughing at the same time.
The fair,the rides,the coffee shops,everything in a time-lapse.

Soft tears welled down her cheeks as she she thought of the promise that another boy made to her in another place,in another dimension of time.


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