I feel the urge to hush the words he says, to shut out the musings betwixt my head and heart. 
My mind is a cacophonic echo constantly amplifying the premonitions in my heart. 
A part of me knew he wasn’t everything I was looking for. 
And yet, I wanted to believe in the lie. 
I wanted to lie to myself. 
I wanted myself to believe in something… Anything. 
And so, I lead myself unto the walk upon promises that were carcasses wrapped in deception. 
Vestiges of reason glinted at me from behind the cloak that he wore..  
And yet, I’d clench my teeth and rubbish the existence of anything superficial. 
When profound facts glared at me in the face and he walked away with nothing short of the face that’s prone to swindling and lying, my heart sank. 
And yet, a part of me wanted him to stop me. To tell me that I was wrong. 
But he didn’t. 
I brought it upon myself. 
I fed the pestilence that plagued my heart. 
And it is my burden to endure the ramifications of my folly.


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