You’re perfect.

You’re worth the pain.

You’re worth the longing.. the heartburn

You’re like a peaceful disaster

Tearing down my resistance, my narrow tapering will

Welcoming the pangs in me-of love, uncertainty and disaster


I know the nature of this longing

That wails in a familiar tune,echoing familiar fears

Tiny ghosts of warmth and love

Shards of broken glass


Makes me wish I were a child

Asleep in my mother’s arms

An infant’s ignorance

Anything that keeps this truth away


Your body talks to me

In its scent,its unceasing modesty and chivalry

Awakens demons fuelled by instinct

Driven by desire and wrapped in ecstasy


Love me not if you can love me not

But lie,if you may

I like the tales

Strung together

You make me high

Like a shot of dopamine

Rushing through the narrow veins

Lie to me,if you may

And take my heart as thine.







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