Welcoming 2017.

What’s that noise in the distance? The soft ruffling breeze mumbling muffled sounds in a foreign tongue.The careless purring of a Persian cat stretched out on a lavish couch caressing her own coat. The old man sitting by the tea shop looking at the faint fate lines on his palms. Youngsters playing crass music and sitting glued to their computer screens. Pariah dogs happily gnawing on leftover biscuits that a certain stranger left behind. There’s a lot to see.There’s a lot to learn. If only we learn to stop living this life of monotony and embrace the fresher novelties that life allows us to access. Life is beautiful when we step out of these closed webs that we sew for ourselves. Reach out for both the light within you and the light that envelops you in its thin embrace.

Let this new year be about cherishing our existence as an astute race on Mother Earth and not just a frivolous life committed to selfish motives.


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