A Letter To Patriarchy.

Letters to Patriarchy 
Dear ‘Knight in shining armour’,
Sifting like the sands of time 

She twists and turns and sways like a wind chime 

Shorts too short,oh what a floozy!

Trousers too long,oh what a prude!

Well shave your beard,oh what a tramp!

Oh well grow a beard,oh what a juvenile!

I have a voice and so I speak 

Of likes like me-long subjugated and meek 

I have a heart and so it breaks 

When you toss me around like a rag doll 

I am a woman and so I speak 

Of women like me who now stand tall 

Your husky voice 

Your golden hair 

Your rugged beard 

The way you stare 

Your Hazel eyes 

Your lopsided grin 

Your musky perfume 

The cleft on your chin;

I’ll tell you what I think of them

You no longer hold the power to woo

No longer the power to break me 

You lost your charm the first time you said 

“I love you because I think you’re pretty”

You lost your spark the first time you said 

“Your body is my only desire”

You lost your appeal the first time you said,”You’ll marry me to warm my bed and stay in”

Now,you’re defeated 

Falling like specks of dust 

That me and my women 

Will shake off our shoulders.

With love,

Not your sugar anymore.



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