Not lost 

I let the atomies in his sunlit eyes 

Dance on my skin like starlit skies 

As they droop to meet the aura I exude 

My soul elicits Jim like a musical prelude 

Inching like an inchworm in soil 

His fingers grip my palms in a coil

Kissing alive tender spots on the surface 

Like embers performing in a fiery furnace 

His fingers trace the ends of my veins 

Collecting stray strands like a fistful of chains 

He lets them fly across my face 

Before mine eyes,his lips do grace 

He rains down kisses on my eyelids shut 

I smell the lavender, cinnamon and coconut 

He burns the incense sticks in a haste 

And praises me for my manners ever chaste 

I look at him like a marvel of the Universe 

He distils me like Rosalind in Orlando’s verse 

My heart fills up with his music in time 

Beckoning my soul like a wild wind chime 

And oft in these evenings, I throw open my casement 

And picture him ,in the meadows,returning from the basement 

Though he never did ,I don’t weep,we were star crossed

My lover is buried but my love is not lost.


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