I watched you dawdle your way to me 

Inch by inch,like an aching snail


I watched you from across the smokescreen 

Your pagan sight 

Parched lips 

The sunset in your eyes 

You felt me in the winter breeze that pressed its sugared lips on your forehead 
The nape of your neck 

I watched you from a distance 



Occasionally weeping 

I did smile at you once 

In the bar 

When you saw me through the translucent tumbler on your table

Your first time 

I was happy tending to your whims 

People ask me if I feel bad about it

Well,as long as they keep me alive in their hushed voices,under bridges and in local stalls,I don’t care if I’m not spoken of fondly 

I watched you when you first deluged yourself in me

Till your tongue seared with the heat that the world had banished you from 

Madmen like you often come around looking for me 

I watched you when they lifted your casket off the ground 

You were pale,skinny and well,dead

But atleast you’ll agree that you didn’t die alone
I watched you when you last wept

Your baby in your womb 

You didn’t die alone 

I made sure of that. 



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