The inner pandemonium

There’s a macrocosm of feelings usurping the inner peace

Tumultuous clouds and warring bells

Savage tongues of the waves crashing on ragged rocks

The bitter poison-laced breeze slapping the face

The eyes of green,blue books I’ve never yet touched

Red bruises that you can’t see

Sinister smiles in the corridor scaling you down

Cold bed clothes, reptiles and rodents you’d rather not see

Pages lying empty in the expectation of the scratching of the pen on it

Inner chaos revolting against the hum of incantations



Flecks and flickers of light





Wincing away from it for the pain is inevitable

Pixel-dotted comfort

A furry embrace

Savoury edibles and glittered frolic

Faces, novel and precious

A comforting reassurance of possibilities

Faces, many faces

Darting across the room like a ghost

There’s but one when the chaos subsides

A memory of sweet, sun tanned gentle conversation

Unspoken, undelivered

A memory so powerful that it keeps alive

The smell of hope that the rains tomorrow would bring

Parting is easy

Parting is comforting


But it’s menacing all the same

The darkness creeps on like heavy fog in the dense woods she left behind

The smell of poisoned ivy and fever fox lulling her into an irretrievable abyss

The face of calm,serene, pious affections

Deep brooding brows of peace

The fog cloaks her breath and the darkness takes over



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