The grains blew in the wind, in wreaths of sand His colourful turban,outlined against the setting sun The silver bangles, braids and the flask of water in his hands His wrinkled feet, whipped by the lashes of the sand storm I watched him as he dissolved into the desert mirage And then unfurled my palms… Continue reading Bedouin


Bleeding ivory.

A wreath of smoke dangles down an ivory beak As soft down feathers of plush white Stained with blood, grease and gunpowder Lands on a mound of dust The rubble groans and protests Shirking the burden of the beast That lands heavy on the jostling arms of violence The blood you spill,sprays onto you The… Continue reading Bleeding ivory.

Cold feet

Cold feet under a frosty skyline Fallen near a smoky kiln The powdered ground under the feet And the mute alarm of a heartbeat Perhaps the weather,perhaps a friend Either together must pretend And you must do your bidding still Should they tether you ,with your goodwill.