The hand of Doom

  The drought had arrived Wilted Shrivelled Wrinkled Crops,arms,faces Beds in the hospital Thick stench of hunger,pain,gloom The hand of doom had gripped half the town The hapless who tilled the fields Faint mien of dismay Can’t turn to the left Can’t turn to the right They make everything about themselves The men who start … More The hand of Doom

There is peace in the silence in the mind I can’t think,thick impervious screen of distance from reality From you,with good reason I won’t embrace the light because you won’t reflect it back at me I look at the dissatisfied face of yours Unhappy with your knees Your kith and kin Always dispensing warmth  as … More

The inner pandemonium

There’s a macrocosm of feelings usurping the inner peace Tumultuous clouds and warring bells Savage tongues of the waves crashing on ragged rocks The bitter poison-laced breeze slapping the face The eyes of green,blue books I’ve never yet touched Red bruises that you can’t see Sinister smiles in the corridor scaling you down Cold bed … More The inner pandemonium

Play Dead,Spider.

There’s a faint voice that beckons me  The flickering reflex of a spider that died For there’s an inner demon that haunts me  And silences the child inside  Flesh  Blood  Sweat  Lymph  And a ghostly grip of an unknown past  Cloaks me and chokes me Arms outstretched,it stops me Like a shadow receding into the … More Play Dead,Spider.


Sweet Succinct Short  My aching fingers traced the tapered ends of the tattered piece of paper The ink was black  Some letters fainter than the rest  Perhaps the quilt had a problem    The letter was written in a jovial tone  Jocund Carefree  Unfettered  But there was something about the way the tail of some … More Grace

The other world 

The thunderous clap of the roaring machine went right over the roof.I rushed out with my tongs to see the aircraft that left a trail of the tricolour in the air. The kids ,my age, outside were on their bikes with little flags stuck to their handles . The mithaiwala at the corner had a … More The other world 


There’s a gnawing pain  That dances in cinders  Whirling in chains  The dance of the fire  To the blood drum  An ember unchained  Inching its way to the mouth of the furnace  Soot  Smoke  Tar  Does it make its way out?  That is not for me to say.


There’s a constant buzzing inside my head I can’t swat it  This buzzing traces the ends of my brain cells and travels to the tips of my loose strands of hair  They hang loosely  Not in expectation of you  But in the weariness of your presence  You’re weighing me down with your fetters  The hand,the … More Red

Onward and upward.

Eighteen years back,there was a thunderous clap that had jolted my insides. My eyes had gaped at Nature’s wrath that consumed everything along the way.  Since then,eighteen years have passed by. I still feel the jitters when I look at the sky washed with rain and the drama that the lighting paints on it.  Twelve … More Onward and upward.


I watched you dawdle your way to me  Inch by inch,like an aching snail Bruised,blistered I watched you from across the smokescreen  Your pagan sight  Parched lips  The sunset in your eyes  You felt me in the winter breeze that pressed its sugared lips on your forehead  The nape of your neck  I watched you … More Codeine